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Candid pictures of women\’s ass

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More ass 9/18/06

Posted by noholdsbarred on September 19, 2006


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Posted by noholdsbarred on September 11, 2006

Here’s a very beautiful you black woman with a powerful ass. She know’s it to!

This hot mom was standing in the park watching her daughter play. You can’t see it, but she was obviously wearing a thong under these white pants.

The blonde here is on her cell phone, I am assuming she was talking to her boyfriend, because I heard her scream “kiss my ass” before hanging up. I’d like to take her up on the offer!

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First Batch. Let the fun begin

Posted by noholdsbarred on September 7, 2006

Nice ass at the Beach: 

Pushing a wheelchair in short shorts 🙂

Little and big walking for fun and fitness.



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Welcome post – Lets make sure you really want to be here, shall we?

Posted by noholdsbarred on August 1, 2006

Can’t we all agree that a woman’s best feauture is her ass? THis blog is simply going to be a picturial of some of the memorable asses I am lucky to cross paths with each day. Living in the bay area of Florida is like living in the ass capital of the world. Unbeknownst to our subjects (in most cases), I am snapping pictures of their ass while they are jogging, walking the dog, loading a car with groceries, etc… You’re not going to see professional grade porno here, sorry, Instead, you are going to see some nice candid assess, I am still investigating the legalities of posting someone ass to the internets, without the ass owners permission. I am also aware that you may have moral and ethical concerns. I don’t. Any opinion on that would be welcome. Otherwise, the friviolity starts tomorrow when I post my first batch of candid assess.

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